Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Global Corporate Governance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Global Corporate Governance - Essay Example e legislature develops a platform that regulates the company’s decisions and interactions with other partners to safeguard all stakeholders’ interests. The executive arm of government also formulates policies and enforces all legal provisions while the judiciary interprets laws and policies to compliance. Implementation of established laws also stipulates liabilities and remedies in cases of infringed rights (Daft and Marcic 60-63). The company particularly experienced government intervention in its case against Samsung in which Samsung was accused of infringing Apple’s intellectual property right. In the case, government intervention protected the company’s interest in its innovation and therefore promoted its revenues from the protected products. The case also identifies the effects of government regulations in controlling the company’s actions towards its stakeholders because any illegal act is punishable by law (Svensson 1). Competition is another external environmental factor that affects the company and emanates from organizations that supplies products with similar utility. It affects Apple’s market control as well as profit levels because of relatively reduced sales volumes and scarcity of resources (Daft and Marcic 64). Competition from other companies such as Samsung that produces and sells products with similar technological applications offers consumers alternatives that lead to shared market. Consequently, apple has to develop strategies for acquiring and retaining customers, whether through price reduction, improved quality, or product diversification. The stiff competition has also made the company a victim of counterfeit products as its competitors have been accused and convicted of unlawfully copping its technology, an issue that grants the competitors a market advantage against Apple (Svensson 1). Human resource management is a sensitive issue that drives an organization’s productivity, and Apple has been keen on its personnel

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