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Comparison Islam/Sikhism - 1091 Words

My choice to compare two religions with so many similarities as Islam and Sikhism is mainly based on the fine, but very distinct differences and the interesting fact that they geographically meet in the Punjab Region between India and Pakistan. When comparing the factual data like number of followers and geographical distribution, it becomes clear that Islam is the heavyweight of the two. Islam with it’s over one billion followers of many different ethnicities and nationalities is the second largest religion in the world. Sikhism is the fifth largest with about 20 million followers. Geographically the difference is even bigger: while Islam is the dominating religion in an area reaching from North amp; Western Africa all the way to†¦show more content†¦Both were chosen by God to deliver the sacred message to mankind. Even though Islam was already established West of the Punjab when Sikhism developed, there are distinct differences such as the refusal of so-called â€Å"empty rituals† by Sikhs, while Muslims have a very ritualized form of prayer and refuse the display of huma n images in places of worship. A common theoretical characteristic is that both religions acknowledge the direct relation between man and God without the need of a mediator like a priest or other dignitary. An interesting aspect is that both religions have concepts or principles regarding war. Sikhs have a concept of â€Å"just war† called Dharam Yudh. In their view, war should be the last resort and needs to have a just cause like ending oppression for example. The Islamic Jihad can describe the internal struggle of every Muslim to live a decent life according to God or the military action to defend Islam. In Sikhism this warrior mentality is reflected by the carrying of a ceremonial sword or dagger over or under the visible clothing. Muslims identify the sword as Islam’s defender as reflected in the Saudi-Arabian flag. Even visually the followers of both religions are often mistaken for one another – mainly in the Diaspora where ignorance and lack of knowledge often are the cause for such false assumptions. SinceShow MoreRelatedWhat Is Spiritual Conditions May Impact The Success Of Patient s Treatment And How Helpful Human Faith?1394 Words   |  6 PagesThe aim of this paper is to share the spiritual perspectives of people with diverse faiths and to analyze those with Christian philosophy of faith and healing. People from distant beliefs, which include Hinduism, Sikhism and Islam were interviewed. Summary of the interview, comparison of diverse belief systems and writer’s personal insights gained from the interviews are discussed in the paper. There are various religious beliefs, values and traditions among people around the world. Nursing careRead MoreA Comparison of Sikhism and Hinduism Essay1329 Words   |  6 PagesA Comparison of Sikhism and Hinduism What is religion? There is much debate to the exact definition of religion but according to the book Introduction to World Religions, â€Å"It is commonly used to refer to those beliefs, behaviors, and social institutions that have something to do with speculations on any, and all of the following: the origin, end and significance of the universe; what happens after death; the existence and wishes of powerful, non-human beings such as spirits, ancestorsRead MoreHeritage Assessment and Cultural Project1133 Words   |  5 Pageseating rice because it is a grain that grows abundant in that part of the world. Asians believe that ancestors are links to religion and belief system. Religion also plays a big role in the Asian culture. Common religions in this culture are catholic, Islam, and Christianity. They many ask God for protection and guidance the family in daily life.(Miller, nd) Middle Eastern Culture There are many people that have Middle Eastern culture in their families here in the United States. These familiesRead MoreJohn Johnson s American Idealism And Realpolitik Critique885 Words   |  4 PagesIt has been pointed out, especially with the struggle in the middle east, that American military has intruded not only in the political ethics, but sometimes even religious legislation. By basing their judgement on a comparison of Western culture and beliefs such as Islam and Sikhism, their choices are more so inclined to help countries in need to convert to the Western Christian ethics. Simply persuading people to adopt new ideals does not solve every feud, however this seems to be the go-to solutionRead MoreFemale Equality and the Quran1771 Words   |  7 Pagesand domination, warping the truth about Islam, and turning it into a violent regime focused on terrorism and ruling by fear. For example, if one were to do a â€Å"Google search† on the words Muslim women, the preponderance of images are of burka-clad women, with the one exclusion, of course, being Miss Egypt in her bikini. Regardless of where a woman finds herself in the world, she faces different obstacles to her full emancipation. But is it Islam which in itself presents the constraintRead MoreSalvation And Moksha Vs. World Religions1862 Words   |  8 Pagesreligions that will be compared, salvation is a goal or reward that someone pursue throughout their life that can be achieved by living a good life. Salvation Of the religions we covered in class the term salvation is most closely related to Judaism, Islam, but also Jainism which will not be covered in this research paper. Judaism1 Because Christianity was not specifically covered in class, and because as a Christian individual it is natural to compare all of these other religions and their definitionRead MoreThe Culture of Beauty Essay873 Words   |  4 Pagesbeauty. The Western beauty is described as white, usually tan, thin, large breasts, small waists, and delicate features. Mostly all present day people from various races prefer a Western ideal of beauty. This idea of beauty is commonly used as a comparison tool no matter what race religion, or culture a person is. The Western culture and the never ending evolution of beauty has a huge impact on the Eastern ideal of beauty. More and more Eastern men and women have started to style and dress themselvesRead MoreDomestic Policy : Chinese Political Transition914 Words   |  4 Pagesgrowth rate: 1.4% (2011, World Bank) Life expectancy at birth: 66 years (2012, World Bank) Literacy rate: 63% (2006 World Bank) Religions: Hinduism (80.5%), Islam (13.4%), Christianity (2.3%), Sikhism 1.9%), Buddhism (0.7%), Jainism (0.5%), Zoroastrianism , Judaism Human Development Index: 0.554, 134th in the world (2012, UNDP, for comparison: 101th China, Pakistan 145th, 146th Bangladesh) economic data GDP: 1.758 trillion dollars (2013, IMF) GDP per capita: 1,414 dollars (2013, IMF) Growth rate:Read MoreEvaluate Postmodernist Explanations of the Role and Functions of Religion in Contemporary Society.1606 Words   |  7 Pagesargued that religion has not always been patriarchal and that in early history women were considered central to spirituality and archaeologists have found numerous symbols of the great mother goddess, in comparison there were few portrayals of male gods. With the advent of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, monotheistic religions largely replaced polytheistic religions. In all these cases god was portrayed as a male. Jean Holm argues that in the public sphere of religion when important positions are heldRead MoreWorld Religion5936 Words   |  24 Pages 2. Account for the kindness to animals displayed in Hinduism. Why does the cow receive special consideration? 3. Give some examples of multiplicity within Hindu art and explain their purpose. 4. Summarize the relationship between Hinduism and Islam in India. Group C 1. What were the influences that shaped Mohandas Gandhi’s philosophy? Highlight the key ideas and methods employed by Gandhi. 2. Discuss the current status of untouchables and the caste system. 3. How has the role of women changes

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Victims Compensation Policies in California - 542 Words

Victims Compensation Community-Based Program: Crime Victims United of California is an organization which helps the victims of violent or serious crime to regain normalcy within their lives. Besides helping individual victims, they also are legislative activists helping support laws which support victims. According to the group, they use education and legislative advocacy to promote public safety and to make people aware of what are their rights when they are victimized by crime. Within the parameters of their programs for victims, CVUC provides psychological treatment as well as support emotionally and, if needed, financially to help people. They provide everything from a place to stay if they are psychologically or physically unable to return to their homes to education on what their rights are as a victim of a crime. These are limited as the primary focus of the group is in pushing forward legislation to protect people and also in providing legal representation to those who otherwise might not have representation or are relia nt on legal representatives without expertise or particular interest in the case at hand. The attorneys and legal authorities working with CVUC are focused on advocating for the victim in terms of financial remuneration and also in representing the victim within the courtroom setting and in protecting the victim from being forced to interact with the perpetrator of the crime later on, such as in parole hearings where a victim is forced to reliveShow MoreRelatedBatter Women Syndrome- Domestic Violence Essay1097 Words   |  5 Pagesprotect individuals affected by domestic violence/ battering. My overall goal for this essay is to remind people of the historical origins behind this social issue, the advancements that have been made by our society in the legal system, and to suggest policy changes to improve the legal protection of domestic violence/battered women. The Unites States recognized battered women as a social and legal problem in the 1970’s. Prior to the 1970’s the English common law stated that men could punish his wifeRead MoreAnalysis Of Robert Walker s The Idea Of Crime1965 Words   |  8 Pagespunishment. Toward the turn of the twentieth-century a more professional stance regarding prosecution had both erased and evaporated the victim almost entirely. A policy that would make the criminal justice system oriented to society, focused on a perception for better identification within the court room workgroup assemblage, removing the victim’s own standing. Our society had decidedly placed a value on punishment and deterrence. Prosecutors would bear the face of the indicter rather than the suffererRead MorePunishment Philosophies1704 Words   |  7 Pagesefforts on the areas of crime that most concern them, ideally reducing the sociological impacts of specific types of crime. For some offense, compulsory sente ncing establishes a mandatory minimum incarceration period, which, if supplemented by the policy of truth-in-sentencing, ensures that an offender serve no less than this nondiscretionary requirement. Aside from these, most sentencing is determined through judicial discretion, derived from subscribed precedents, considerations of mitigating factorsRead MoreCompensation Cases and Their Impact on China and Japan3257 Words   |  14 PagesHistory and the notion of compensation are two key aspects in the study of Sino-Japanese relations. During the 1980s, the opening up by the People’s Republic of China’s government about war atrocities led a number of victims to seek reparations and apologies from Japan. Compensation cases were brought forward from the 1990s and broke the silence about what had ‘truly’ happened during the war. Moreover, the rapid spread of new information about the past prompted increased tensions between the twoRead More Workplace Violence Essay3872 Words   |  16 Pagesviolence and efforts at developing safety measures. Another serious episode involving workplace violence occurred on July 1, 1993, in San Francisco, California. A disgruntled businessman opened fire in a high-rise law office killing eight people and wounding six others. He took his own life shortly afterwards. On January 24, 1992, in San Diego, California, a failed union reinstatement hearing at General Dynamic’s Conveyor plant resulted in the shooting death of labor representative Michael Konz, byRead More The Government Struggle to Combat Identity Theft Essay4278 Words   |  18 Pagesmake matters even worse, the few proposed bills that might be effective face a likely death at the hands of a Republican dominated Congress. Ultimately, Congress lacks the innovation and understanding to combat identity theft, leading to incoherent policies that do little to curb this new epidemic. II. A Short History Before identify theft laws were passed, Congress could only rely on fraud statutes to prosecute identity thieves. Before 1998, government officials interested in prosecuting underRead MoreBusiness Law Paper15517 Words   |  63 PageseHarmony BUSI 2601B Dr. G. Levasseur March 8th, 2015 Table of Contents I Executive Summary 1 II Introduction 3 Overview and Objectives: 3 Methodology: 3 Business Relationship: 5 III Clausal Description and Explanation 6 Document 1: Privacy Policy (3 pages) 6 Document Two: Terms of Service (five pages) 18 IV Application of Legal Principles 32 V Lessons Learned, Recommendations and Example Scenario 46 VI Legal Corrective Measures 49 V Conclusion 55 I Executive Summary The concept of onlineRead MoreDomestic Violence Against Women6693 Words   |  27 Pageshas been ignored for centuries with no focused attention. Violence is clearly a problem. Most agree that the solution to violence against women is to prevent it completely from ever occurring through measures which include harsher laws such as policies and procedures. Domestic Violence against women reaches all socioeconomic levels. Domestic Violence is not prejudice. However, most women whom suffer from domestic violence have come from a life of poverty and little or no education. There areRead MoreWal Mart Case Study The Challenge of Managing Relationships with Stakeholders17330 Words   |  70 PagesAdditionally, the Equal Pay Act, an amendment to the Fair Labor Standards Act, prohibits unequal pay for equal work on the basis of sex. These basic labor and civil rights laws have become an issue at Wal-Mart. In 2001, six women sued Wal-Mart in California claiming the company discriminated against women by systematically denying them promotions and paying them less than men. The lawsuit has expanded to potentially the largest class action in U.S. history – on behalf of more than 1 million currentRead MoreInnocence Trapped Within : Crj 422 Criminal Justice Capstone5487 Words   |  22 Pages(Protection of People’s Right) and many other forces to get these offenders behind bars where they belong. Maya filed her complaint with the local police and this lead to a trial within District Court. With the evidence provided along with the victim’s testimony it brought the convictions needed. The offenders pleaded for their lives and said that they were from a poor economic backgrounds and unable to pay or make restitution. With this plea the judge ruled that the fines be cut in half and

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The Magicians Nephew †Temptation †Reflection Statement free essay sample

Reflection Statement My visual representation is of the temptation genre. It is a scene out of the book ‘The Magicians Nephew’ showing the decision that the character Digory has to make, regarding whether to eat the apple and be youthful forever or take it to Aslan and save his mother’s live. To illustrate to the reader the choice Digory has to make I have used multiple visual techniques. I have used symbolism mainly on, the character in question, Digory. The question mark over his head suggests confusion on which path to chose, good, or evil. It is in bold and contrasting the other colours because I want his confusion to be noted. The silver apple in Digory’s hand represents good and evil; depending on which path he decides to take. The small girl represents Polly and she is wearing a pale blue dress, and the dark brown horse with wings represents the character Fledge. We will write a custom essay sample on The Magicians Nephew – Temptation – Reflection Statement or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The woman to the opposite side of the page represents Jadis the queen of Charn and she’s evil. At the bottom of the page there is the rhyme that clarifies the choices and their outcomes. I have put Digory in the centre of the page because he is the main character in the scene, and the outcome rests on his shoulders. He is the salient image while, the other characters are part of the scene and relevant, they are not the focus. Polly, Fledge and, Jadis are on opposite sides of the page because they are opposition to each other, and all the while, Digory decides. I have used mostly earthy and green colours to indicate freshness of the new world. Jadis’s dress is deep dark purple, the colour of royalty, because she was the majestic queen of Charn and the darker colours represent how she is demonic and evil. Polly, on the other hand, is wearing pale blue because she is good and innocent. The writing at the bottom has a gold background because it was written on the gate and the gate was gold. Overall, I feel that my visual representation clearly represents temptation in the book ‘The Magicians Nephew’. I like the layout and think that the spacing shows a good understanding of the bonds between Digory and Polly, and Digory and Jadis. I also love how the rhyme at the bottom of the page fits with the picture nicely. If I were to do this again I would use a border, and I hope the reader likes and feels for my drawing.

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Starbucks Competitors Analysis

The first product, which is coffee, its main competitors, are Seattle’s Best and Folgers. The other breakfast cereal products, its principal competitors, are Kellogg, Post, and General Mills. There are still other competitors in the market, but Star bucks uses a strategy of quality and diversification, to remove the upcoming competitors.Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on Starbucks Competitors Analysis – Sample Research Paper specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Another strategy applied by Star bucks against its competitors is concentrating its outlets at one point. According to the reports that were obtained in 2005, Star bucks had a net profit of $494.5 million, Kellogg $980.4 million, General Mills $ 1240 million, and Folgers $2546 million(Avlonitis 113). 4P’s of Star bucks As mentioned above, the major products of this company are breakfast products such as coffee and cereals. The compa ny used this strategy, as a way of placing itself at a more competitive edge than its competitors’ place. The product uniqueness of the two main products is ranged as medium. The nutritional value of coffee is categorized as low while that of cereal is high. The taste of Star bucks coffee is ranged as high, while that of cereals is medium compared to that of competitors(Grant 98). The pricing of Star bucks coffee is relatively low compared to that of some competitors, as away of making it hard for other competitors to survive in the market. The company lowers this price intentionally, as their competing strategy. However, the price of cereals compensate for coffee, as it is medium price(Grant 102). Star bucks insist that quality of their products comes first. Through provision of quality products to the customers, customers have build brand loyalty. The company has made extra efforts in ensuring its products reach the intended customers at the right place and condition. Star bucks have ventured in more than fifty countries with so many outlets. The company has even introduced online selling of its products, whereby the customers can purchase the products anywhere, and anytime. This has created much convenience for those customers, who are always busy (Avlonitis 174). They also have a tendency of reaching the customers by concentrating their outlets at one point. Star buck is known to promote its both nationally and internationally levels. They have used various media services to reach the customers through placing adverts for their quality products. Severally, they hold promotion for their products, where people are given chances to taste their coffee, as an effort of building brand loyalty to the customers. Star bucks development brand image In 2010, when star bucks were celebrating its 40th anniversary, the key theme was to facilitate the development of their brand image. The company introduced new images for coffee cups, cups holders, as well as for the shopping bags(Grant 230). During this period, the company also introduced a new coffee blend to the public, which they named Tribute. All these new modifications to their products were for ensuring the constant development of their brand image.Advertising Looking for research paper on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The new identity was marked by a bright green color that showed vibrancy of the products. The company wanted to portray the act of evolution for their products. The main theme was to re-energize their customers, both existing and new ones. Any change to the brand image of the company should be carefully handled, as it may end up confusing the customers. The understanding and acceptance of customers are very crucial factor that need to be considered first(Grant 162). The change may also act as a limitation of widening the product line, as they may end up loosing the new customers, who may no t be so familiar with the company. Works Cited Avlonitis, George. Product and services management. New York: SAGE, 2006. Grant, Robert. Contemporary strategy analysis. New York: Wiley-Blackwell, 2010. This research paper on Starbucks Competitors Analysis – Sample Research Paper was written and submitted by user Rashad Robinson to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.