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VIDEO 2 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

VIDEO 2 - Assignment Example All my dreams and ambitions for the future have literally gone down into the drains. ME: I understand your fears but I would strongly urge that you put away all that negative emotion and embrace life in its fullest now more than ever. You are right to assert that AIDS still has no cure but the ART therapy is there to ensure that you continue to live a healthy and long life. I will give you a small booklet featuring stories of HIV victims like yourself from all across the globe who have managed to survive with the virus for as long as 45 years. And who is to decide that you can’t go past that? Who determines whether you achieve or not? There are numerous patients around who discovered their status and yet set out into achieving their goals and dreams, and because of their extra-ordinary drive, many of them have since time immemorial been recognized by prestigious institutions and awards such as the Nobel – feats that ‘healthy’ (gestures with fingers to mean word ‘healthy’ is in quotes) folk like us can only dream of. In additio n, the mere fact that you have acquired the virus does not mean that you will die before everyone. Death can come in any form, for anyone, and at anytime of the day. I silently know in my heart from my interactions with life that I can walk out of this meeting and meet an untimely road accident and die or be left in a vegetative state, for instance. But this uncertainty in mankind’s life does not imply that we should stop living and dreaming for a better life. No. That would be to miss the point of living in the first place. Every day is a new possibility and one that must be cherished. So soldier on and choose for yourself whether you want to spend the rest of your life wallowing in self-pity or whether you want your name etched in the books of history. ME: I have known you for quite awhile now. I know you are talented in a number of ways and I want to see you use

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Current National Patient Safety Goals Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Current National Patient Safety Goals - Essay Example These professionals, referred to as the Patient Safety Advisory Group, include clinical physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and healthcare managers. In addition, the commission tailors the goals to be program-specific towards a specific accredited organization. The Joint Commission implemented the goals to assess the safety and the eminence of care provided for patients. There are some achievements accrued from the implementation of the goals. This paper explores "Preventing Healthcare-Associated Infections" as one of the goals of the National Patient Safety Goals. Â  Goal number seven outlines Preventing Healthcare-Associated Infections as an important consideration of patient safety (The Joint Commission, 2015). It species the need to implement evidence-based practices to prevent infections in areas such as central line-associated bloodstream infections, healthcare-associated infections, surgical site infections, and indwelling catheter-associated urinary tract infections. In addition, it presents hand hygiene guidelines and outlines goals for improving hand cleaning as specified by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Healthcare professionals infect millions of people in the process of giving care, treatment, and healthcare services in healthcare organizations. Healthcare-related infections are thus an integral component of patient safety in healthcare settings. Hand cleaning and the myriad forms of infections are detailed below. Â  

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Narcissism and Social Isolation

Narcissism and Social Isolation Thesis Statement: narcissism can lead to social isolation because of inability to appreciate anything around them aside from themselves. Introduction Narcissism is a personality disorder wherein the individual feels an extremely elevated sense of self-worth compared to normal. A Narcissist thinks that he is like no one else, special and unique in every single way manageable and therefore believes that he is superior to all. A narcissist seem like the perfect kind of company in the short run but in the long run unfolds, so do their true colors begin to show. Body Narcissism is a psychological disorder that is gradually developed overtime by the involvement of biological and environmental factors. According to research, Narcissism has something to do with genetics. Narcissism can be triggered as early as the preschool years and may develop over the passage of time. Media has a big impact in transmitting narcissism to vast populations. Narcissists have such an elevated sense of self worth that they value themselves as inherently as others. Narcissists believe they are special and unique. Most narcissistic individuals require excessive admiration. Narcissists are incapable of completely empathizing. The narcissist recognizes himself as human and others as 3-dimensional cartoons in the background. The narcissist over values people, uses them and then devalues them. Narcissists are one track minded theyre not interested in other people. A narcissist is a human roller coaster fun for a limited time, nauseating in the long run. Non-narcissistic individuals get easily attracted to narcissists and their charms at first glance and want to be part of their circle. In the long run however, others will realize that narcissists only care about themselves and are incapable of genuinely caring for other people and eventually want out of their suffocating circles and shadows. Conclusion Narcissism can lead to social isolation because of inability to appreciate anything around them aside from themselves I. Introduction Mirror, mirror on the wall, whos the fairest of them all? asks the queen from snow whites fairytale and always the magic mirror would reply, You are, you are the fairest in the land. This cycle went on and on and pleased the queen. One day someone became fairer than her. It displeased her in many ways and disturbed her self- esteem so much that she would do anything to regain that title. More than anything, she wanted to be admired. A mythological Greek youth named Narcissus came across a lake and saw his reflection in the water. As he stared at his image, he slowly felt a great deal of admiration for himself. He began to fall in love with his reflection and found that he could not dare to look away from such beauty. No longer grasping the world around him while neglecting his physical needs, he died there still admiring himself. What happened to the queen, to Narcissus and to many more who get unconsciously attached to their own images is what people, today, call Narcissism. Have you ever been described as a vain individual? Have you ever tried describing someone as egocentric? Do you even know what those two words mean? According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, vain refers to having or showing undue or excessive pride in ones appearance or achievements while egocentric is defined as limited outlook or concern to ones activities or needs. Too much of either or too much of both becomes a disturbing characteristic for any individual in general. These two characteristics are also words suitable for describing a narcissistic individual. Narcissism is a personality disorder wherein the individual feels an extremely elevated sense of self worth. He may also insist on being first in line to grab opportunities to gain more fame and admiration. A narcissistic individual thinks that he is like no one else, special and unique in every single way imaginable and therefore believes that he is superior to all. This mindset lets the narcissist feel like no one can shine center stage as much as he does. Since he assumes and is convinced that he is unique, he feels that everyone is bound to give parts of their attention to him from time to time. He also believes that he was born to be treated in an extra special manner. Since these individuals seemingly shine in the spotlight and stand out in a crowd, people would get attracted to them. People would want to shine with them and share the same circle with the beautiful and the famous. Unfortunately, narcissists would seem like the perfect kind of company in the short run but as the long run unfolds; so do their true colors and inner divas begin to show. Narcissists cant empathize or love and therefore have no friends (Rachel, 2009). Narcissism can lead to social isolation because of inability to appreciate anything around them aside from themselves. Social isolation potentially leads to depression, placing narcissists at high risk for developing suicidal ideations on the longer run. III. BODY Narcissism is a psychological disorder that is gradually developed over time by the involvement of biological and environmental factors. According to research, Narcissism has something to do with genetics. It is said that children who have Narcissistic parents are most likely to develop Narcissism hence making it a natural and heritable character trait. Geneticists have also started to relate the existence of particular differences in genes with personality disorders. According to a study featured in the 2007 issue of the International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology, a particular gene referred to as tryptophan hydroxylase-2 may be associated in developing certain personality disorders, including narcissistic personality disorder. Tryptophan hydroxylase-2 aids in regulating the production of serotonin, an important brain chemical involved in mood regulation. Narcissism can be triggered as early as preschool years and may develop over the passage of time. Parent-child relationships including the different styles of parenting are the center of the development of Narcissism. It is believed that narcissism would likely develop as a result of parental rejection. A study from Kohut (1971) attributed narcissism to the inconsistency and lack of empathy of parents to their child. With this, the child seeks attention from others because it presumably is lacking from his parents. The child may behave to the extent of promoting himself through his self-perceived talent (Kernberg, 1975) to gain positive comments from others which he cant receive from his parents. Empty Praises causes the child to feel entitled while lacking the true confidence necessary to feel good about them. The child may then believe he can trust nobody but himself. In contrary to that, narcissism may also develop as a result of parental indulgence. A child may develop an inappro priate high self-appraisal if his parents give him inappropriate positive remarks. He or she may view himself as a person with grandeur and power. We are now living in an increasingly narcissistic society. Media has a big impact in transmitting narcissism to vast populations.ÂÂ  According toÂÂ  Laura Buffadi, online social networking sites like Facebook are common avenues for narcissists since they believe that others are interested in what theyre doing and would want to inform the public of what they are doing. It appears that it might also be possible that this has more to do with the social networks we have at home rather than with those online. Studies have shown that children are left feeling emptier and more prone to insecurities when they are praised for skills or talents that they havent mastered. Meanwhile, praising children for real accomplishments help build up a real self-esteem. Narcissists have such an elevated sense of self-worth that they value themselves as inherently as others. In narcissists, theres a grandiose sense of self-importance. Narcissists like to stare at the mirror and admire their physique. They assume that everyone else is interested to listen to their stories. They think as if they have the natural talent in influencing people. He needs constant attention. Thus he shows a sense of entitlement of deserving others adulation (McAdams, 2006). They tend to use singular pronouns when talking like I, me, my, in a spontaneous speech. Most narcissists require excessive admiration. They may feel as if everyone and everything exists to serve them. They never get satisfied until they get what they think they deserve. They love to take credit of successes and are responsive to opportunities of self enhancement (Wallace Baumeister, 2002). The narcissist recognizes himself as human and others as 3-dimensional cartoons in the background. Narcissists care more about themselves than others. They tend to be in a circle of friends where they first overvalue them then use them and eventually devalue them. Intimacy and transparency are important parts of true friendship, in which narcissists are incapable of. They are one track minded. If threatened by being told that someone else has outperformed them, theyre more likely to put the other person down (Morf Rhodewalt, 1993). They use their so-called friends as instruments to bring them a sense of entitlement or elevate their status. They sufficiently withdraw themselves from others. They love themselves too much that they lack empathy. They express envy when someone gains recognition because they think it should have been rightfully theirs (Videbeck, 2011). Narcissists expect special treatment from others and often result to anger if not given what they want. To a narcissist, nothing is ever good enough and its always the fault of others. Since narcissists have a high self-esteem and are charismatic, non narcissistic individuals get easily attracted to them at first glance and want to be part of their circle. A narcissist may have a lot of friends at first but eventually they would grow tired of his countless me, myself, and I conversations. They soon realize that narcissists only care about themselves and are incapable of genuinely caring for other people and eventually want to walk out from their suffocating shadows. According to Kluger (2011), youre bound to fall in love with narcissists at hello but when you get to know them better, you slowly realize that theyre actually quite unbearable. Their confidence becomes arrogance; charms turn to senselessness; smarts turn to conceitedness. They will talk endlessly about themselves, and never mind you. They have trouble working with others since they cant easily accept criticisms and negative feedbacks. III. Conclusion Narcissists tend to have fewer friends in the long run because narcissism makes individuals feel superior, making it hard to treat others fairly. A narcissist believes that he is the only one and that he is special and unique, and no one is more superior to him. He feels an extremely elevated sense of self worth. He is grandiose, vain, and egocentric all at the same time. With these traits, narcissists are not capable of empathizing. A narcissist is not interested in other people; all he wants is their attention. He only thinks of what is most beneficial for him, not minding the people surrounding him. Since a narcissist cant appreciate the things surrounding him, he will find himself in many similar situations in the future. A few episodes of peer rejection such as these can possibly lead to social isolation then to depression and might even be a reason for the development of suicidal ideation.

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The First World War (WWI) :: World War 1 I One

The war that would destroy European society had been coming for a long time. The nineteenth century had been an era of great progress,and of turmoil and conflict as well. New nations had been created. The balance of power that existed in 1815, at the end of the era of Napoleon, was disturbed. Adding to the danger was a false sense of security. Local wars had flared up in the nineteenth century, but a major war was regarded as unlikely. Looking back at 1914 today, however, we can see that each of the major countries of Europe had interests that would bring it into conflict with at least one of the other great powers. On June 28, 1914, Gacrilo Princip, a nineteen-year-old Serbian revolutionary, fired two pistols shots. One killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the nephew of Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria-Hungary and heir to the Austrian throne. The other killed Sophie, his wife.Austria-Hungary held Serbia responsible. On July 5 Austria asked for and recieved from Germany a "blank check" of support for any action Austria-Hungary might take against Serbia.On July 23 Austria sent a series of demands to the Serbians. The demands were designed to humiliate and virtually destroy the Serbian nation. Still, Serbia agreed to most but not all of the demands.Austria reacted on July 28 by declaring war on Serbia. The Russians prepared to defend Serbia. On July 31 the Germans sent a warning to Russia to stop mobilizing its army for war. the Russians ignored the warning, and Germany declared war on Russia on August 1. France came to the aid of its Russian ally by declaring war on Germany. The British hesi tated, but when the Germans marched into Belgium, they declared war on Germany on Aug 4.

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L’Oréal And It’s Strategy Analysis Essay

Introduction L’Orà ©al is the company that I choose to be discussed. The reason why I choose this company is because they are the world leading cosmetic and beauty product’s company and they have a strong strategy for me to discuss on. L’Orà ©al is a cosmetics and beauty products’ company and it was founded at Clichy, France in 1909. Eugà ¨ne Schueller is the founder of the company, who became an instructor at the Sorbonne after completed his study in the Institute for Applied Chemistry in Paris. L’Orà ©al was primarily named as Socià ©tà © Francaise des Teintures Inoffensives pour Cheveux which means French Society for Inoffensive Tincture of Hair. It is a French based company which headquartered in Paris. There are over 130 countries operating this company like South and North America, Africa and Middle East, Europe, Asia and others, with up to 25 international brands. The international brands under L’Orà ©al include L’Orà ©al Professiona l, Lancà ´me Paris, Kiehl’s, Shu Uemura, Kà ©rastase and others. Production and marketing is the main scopes that focus by the company beside the dermatological and pharmaceutical fields. They are more concentrate on hair colours, skin care, fragrances and perfumes, cosmetic products and styling products which are specially created for individual and professional customers. They also came out with kids’ products which are known as L’Orà ©al Kids. The research team of L’Orà ©al was first started with only 3 chemists but it is now expanded to nearly 2000 chemists. Now, there are five research and development centre of L’Orà ©al globally. L’Orà ©al have a slogan of â€Å"Because we’re worth it†, which is also their vision statement. The reason why they have this vision is because of building a good customer relationship is what the company priority concern. This is to provide consumers with more satisfied products by the company’s lifestyle and philosophy. L’Orà ©al believes that everyone aspires to beauty. This is where they come out with their mission statement and made the business more meaningful and valuable. They wish to help everyone in the world, no matter male or female, get knows to their own aspiration and fully acquit their personalities. L’Orà ©al is the world’s leading cosmetics and beauty products’ company. Previously, Procter & Gamble was at the top ranking in this industry. By the substantive focus in L’Orà ©al, they are capable in targeting on more investment in Research and Development as well as advertising. Through the investment, it also enables the company become a  powerful force within the industry. In additional, L’Orà ©al also became the world’s biggest supplier for cosmetic products which hold over 19% market shares. By contrast, the company that ranked second, which is the Està ©e Lauder was quite far distant from L’Orà ©al as it occupied only 8%. With the help of cutting-edge technology, L’Orà ©al also took a strong pace in the introduction of their skin care products. Strategic Analysis SWOT Analysis of L’Orà ©al Strengths The main strength of L’Orà ©al is to offer the best products to their customers by continually conducting strong and new research, innovation and development in the concept of beauty. They are also leading the beauty and cosmetic industry with this type of research strategy, even in the competition market. Besides, L’Orà ©al situated more consideration in their specific actions and events. Their actions and events basically will be divided into five groups and the consumer product division as the main. In consumer product division, all their scopes are published through a gigantic market. Secondly is their luxury product division that included international brands. These products can get it through perfumeries, department outlet and duty free outlets. The next is their expert hair care items utilized by the expert beauticians and market through hair salon. This has been categorized into the professional product division and this division helps to keep up the nature of L’oreal Group. Other than that, another ability of L’Orà ©al is about their advertising strategy that being the key element toward the growth of the company. Throughout accomplishing the nature of their target market promotes through advertisement is the most ideal way. Weaknesses Dispersible of the hierarchical structure within a company is the greatest shortcoming which is usually faced by most of the organization including L’Orà ©al. On account of the numerous subdivisions of L’Orà ©al make it harder to run and control by the company. Thus, as a result of this, the manufactures of organization become more inefficient. Another weakness which the organization confronts is that their profits. The margin between their  cost price and offering cost is relatively lower than their other minor rivals. Thus, the profit they earn is different from their expectation. This is likewise happening in extensive advertisement and marketing. Last but not least, L’Orà ©al’s multinational promoting strategy is also their weakness. The reason why is become their shortcoming is mainly due to a few distinctions happened in the promotion and campaign of L’Orà ©al products, in the matter of what kind of image they are trying to present. Opportunities L’Orà ©al Group targeted on providing beauty and makeup products for different age levels of ladies. The constant market demand on these beauty products had allow L’Orà ©al to take the opportunity to focus on their areas of expertise, especially on their hair styling and colour, fragrance and perfume, cosmetics and skin cares. L’Orà ©al appeared with a famous and familiar image around the world even in those developing countries. This company acts as the pioneer brand in the industry as well. Another open door for the organization is that they obtained a lot of market share because of numerous registered patents by L’Orà ©al. Threats For L’Orà ©al, the greatest threat they commonly meet is that they need to confront with competitions among the same industry. Because their products continue to increase with, and therefore this may cause other brands took L’Orà ©al advantage of their profits. Besides, different economic conditions can also pose a threat to L’Orà ©al. Since the greater parts of the products are just inside the range of the populace of developed nations yet in some way L’Orà ©al takes care of this issue. Moreover, they produce products for the populace of under developed nations. In this manner, although the public do not think that L’Orà ©al’s products are daily needs, and it may be accompanied rejection, but the company is still in the best production lines to produce their products. Porter’s Five Force Model of L’Orà ©al Rivalry among the competitive firms (High) Various companies’ competitiveness, for example Proctor and Gamble, Avon, Estee Lauder and Shiseido push L’Orà ©al into the more elevated amount of rivalry in the current business of cosmetic and skin care products. These  contenders attempt to increase more market shares by keeping implement various strategies. L’Orà ©al needs nonstop quality enhancements for every production line in order to guarantee survival of this company in the industry. They must enhance their marketing channels with the assistance of highest technology and innovation to obtain more market share and globally targeted their market. Potential Entrants (Low) It can be considered very low in the participation of potential entrants into this moderate industry. The market already exists with strong company like Estee Lauder, Avon, Olay, Proctor and Gamble, as well as L’Orà ©al. This is very obvious that, there will be no serious threat or maybe little threat from any beginner of the business. L’Orà ©al does not appear to have such a tremendous risk from any potential entrants. Potential Developments of Substitutes (Low) Aging is the main reason why people around the world need skin cares. As a leader in cosmetic and beauty sector, L’Orà ©al seem like does not disturb by any potential substitute that come into the market. In additional, there is less substitution in the anti-aging products and so, it brings less threat to the market. Bargaining Power of Suppliers (LOW) L’Orà ©al in the profession is a giant, has the huge capacity that their production is exceeding 45 billion units every year, and therefore the supplier will have little opportunity to pose the enormous threat to L’Orà ©al. It is huge in world the quantity of supplier. Therefore the supplier has few or simply does not have the ability to bargain with L’Orà ©al. Therefore, L’Orà ©al not faced with too many threats from its supplier. Bargaining Power of Customers (High) The appearances of numerous powerful competitors like Procter & Gamble, Shiseido, Avon and other companies cause higher bargaining power of customer in the market. Because the usability of different company’s different products are high, the potential customer has the choice to go for other companies. Therefore, L’Orà ©al faced with threat of lack of customer. In this situation, L’Orà ©al must deal with this threat earnestly, as to maintain the  market share of this company in profession.

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Firefighter Employment Scenario Essay

Based on the fact that Doug and Sam earned the first and second highest test scores, is it a reasonable assumption that the city of Davis will add Doug and Sam to the certification list? Yes Why or why not? With the top scores on the exam, they should be first in line for certification and an opportunity to interview for the position in question. Can the City successfully defend itself on the basis of â€Å"disparate impact?† No Why or why not? Doug and Sam had the top scores on the certification exam. This does not automatically make them promotable, they would still have to go through the interview process just like any other candidate. The city could have easily certified additional members of minority groups in addition to Doug and Sam. Since they were the top performers they should be on the list, this could be a case of reverse discrimination. Under what circumstances may racial discrimination be proved by â€Å"disparate impact?† Disparate impact according to the book occurs when an employer discriminates against an entire protected class (Cheeseman, 2013). It would be difficult to prove disparate impact, because the city has the ability to accept multiple applicants and certify more than just two slots.